Thursday, 26 February 2009

just a little rant.

i have a passionate hatred for people that treat facebook like myspace. i know too many of these fucking people and it's not even funny anymore - every time i sign in, i get a fuckton of status updates and notifications like

'ballsack arsefuck mcdickwad tagged you in the note titled "OmG WeRe SoOoOoO CoOl <3333>-._---__"

and well, you know how those attention-seeking teenage girls are with their keyboards. the fact that they've tagged me in that shit means that i'm actually almost obliged to post a note of my own, because most of these notes are replacing myspace bulletin quizzes.

part of me thinks to let this slide for the sake of free speech - after all, social networking depends, in my view, entirely on the people that person associates themselves with. for instance, me and my friend jaycee constantly troll each other publicly, but we keep the typing well-structured (i realise here that i'm not using capitals with the exception of the 'CrAzYtExT' above, fuck you) and cut out bullshit like hearts, smiley faces made using the equals sign and shit like that.

seriously, CTSO. no-one cares what you're doing right now or what's on your desk. if you really have a desire to let us know what you're doing, use the status feed - and make it short, or fucking type properly you twats.

i'll probably post more on this later but i'm tired and ill.

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