Friday, 17 April 2009


stayed at mina's on wednesday night. we were awake until the early hours of the morning doing precisely fuck all.

oh, except that we went for a late-night adventure which turned into an 'oh fuck' situation when faced with a couple of dead-end pitch-black alleyways in an area of cambridge that i'm not familiar with. next time i'm going to sellotape LED torches to my face before we go out wanderin'.

oh yeah, and she got a 360, so she sucks considerably less. which is to say that she's cooler than you fucks anyway, but now even more so.

i like mina because she's one of the few people that comes close to tolerating my bullshit. also she's intelligent, and our conversations range from deep philosophy to debating the validity of certain memes, and giggling at terrifying harry potter fanfic on t'interwebz.

woman... you are quite cool.

also: for any of you that care (no one), i've picked up work on my short story again. it's not 'quirky' or 'funny' like any of the bullshit that's written by most of you scene-o twatblankets - the emphasis is on realism; i.e. my actual life told from a third-person perspective, with the mediocrity, boredom and stupidity left in. i'll post it here at some point.