Thursday, 26 February 2009

just a little rant.

i have a passionate hatred for people that treat facebook like myspace. i know too many of these fucking people and it's not even funny anymore - every time i sign in, i get a fuckton of status updates and notifications like

'ballsack arsefuck mcdickwad tagged you in the note titled "OmG WeRe SoOoOoO CoOl <3333>-._---__"

and well, you know how those attention-seeking teenage girls are with their keyboards. the fact that they've tagged me in that shit means that i'm actually almost obliged to post a note of my own, because most of these notes are replacing myspace bulletin quizzes.

part of me thinks to let this slide for the sake of free speech - after all, social networking depends, in my view, entirely on the people that person associates themselves with. for instance, me and my friend jaycee constantly troll each other publicly, but we keep the typing well-structured (i realise here that i'm not using capitals with the exception of the 'CrAzYtExT' above, fuck you) and cut out bullshit like hearts, smiley faces made using the equals sign and shit like that.

seriously, CTSO. no-one cares what you're doing right now or what's on your desk. if you really have a desire to let us know what you're doing, use the status feed - and make it short, or fucking type properly you twats.

i'll probably post more on this later but i'm tired and ill.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


I wish I had some.

unfortunately I don't, so I will now recommence watching rambo 2 and drinking pepsi.

isnt this blog so fucking exciting?

Thursday, 19 February 2009

lauren is fucking witty.

Vikíng says:
Lauren says:
Vikíng says:
Lauren says:
Vikíng says:
Lauren says:
Lauren says:
Lauren says:
thats a hard one...
Lauren says:
see what i did there?? :D:D
Lauren says:
Vikíng says:

Saturday, 14 February 2009


just a quick one because I'm in the middle of something right now.

f.e.a.r. 2: project origin just hit shelves, and subsequently my lovefilm rental list. played the demo, thought it was fucking pro. looking forward to it.

paladin is level 22 now, gonna start levelling properly again tonight now that I have energy drinks and fuck all else to do.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

the shakes.

just a short one today, it's going to be fucking boring - but i have the booze shakes and need to shoot some people online before I feel better. basically I went out and got shitfaced last night to celebrate my 20th, met some wicked people, got blown off by some people (fuck you guys, seriously) but generally had a laugh. more details to come, but i felt like updating for the hell of it.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


this is going to be a shitty post but I've just realised that I'll be 20 in about 43 minutes.


I'm off to bed before I am aware of this shit.

to those of you that are coming to the pub on friday, you guys are awesome. it's a pity that people from denmark couldnt make it, but oh well, we'll see you in the summer, anduin :D

p.s. I know I won't technically be 20 until about 7.09pm GMT (ofc) tomorrow, but who gives a fuck? the whole day counts.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

i actually hate people who say fucking stupid shit like "i was born in the wrong era, i love everything about the 1950's!"

i wish you were born in a different era aswell and lived in the 50's, just so you'd be closer to your death-bed instead of anywhere in my life.
coincidentally, i love everything about the 1950's too; i just simply love the korean war, juvenile delinquency, partial continuation of post-wwii rationing and the iron curtain!

people say that burlesque dancing is more than just taking your clothes off; it's a celebration of the female form and indepedence. these people are probably those who make complaints about the male-dominated society in which we still live today, then claim to love the 50's, which embraced patriarchy with open arms; man goes to work, woman pops out snotfaced spawn and lives as a glamourous housewife... because clearly they all tottered around in heels whilst making cupcakes, wiping their children's shitty arses and scrubbing pans.

wearing your hair in a quiff, wearing peep-toe shoes, shopping in charity shops because then you're wearing 'vintage' (ie: piss-stained clothes some granny died in), claiming to be a 'model' and/or taking part in yet another boring and shit 'burlesque' act, does not mean you love everything about the 1950's.

and you're not a model, you're a twat.. it's not 1950 anymore, now take your excessive materialism and false ideas of history and fuck off.