Sunday, 18 January 2009

teh internets and other crap (tired)

sup guys.

just finished a weekend with mina - it was pretty cool. we watched all of garth merenghi's darkplace and ate an exorbitant amount of junk food. I played some gears of war 2 and she laughed at parts of it whilst playing locoroco 2. we watched night watch, which is a pretty good film. we also wanted to watch brick, but she misplaced the dvd somewhere - so we ended up watching My Name Is Earl and dylan moran instead. also, after much QQing by her, we watched Ghost Ship, which I have seen like a bazillion times.

I calculated that we spent pretty much exactly 48 hours in each others' company. this was very much win, but things got a little intense when her PSP battery ran out, so I went to take a shower while my pc ran a disk check.

I've just realised that it's 7 minutes to ten and I need to grab a shave, a shower and some shut-eye.

Viking out.